Thursday, April 21, 2005


Had another look at the cover. It's funny how something that looked so great six months ago suddenly looks so meh now. No, it's not as if the previous cover design is bad. It's actually very good, I think. But in the spirit of "ever tweaking until the horse is dead," I'm still passing ideas back and forth with my publisher.

Here's a new rendition of the same concept:

Basically, the graphics is now centered. My name is more visible and the sky has clouds. I think it's striking and dynamic...

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Just when I thought the editing was done, I got more to do. Nothing major, just some production related editing, to make sure everything is okay to go. Once it goes to the printer, that's it. So I need to go through the ms one more time (*sigh* but at least this time it's been typesetted -- nice!) to make sure formatting, punctuations, etc. are all good.

Who says publishing isn't fun?

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Did my dedication and acknowledgement. It was weird, trying to figure out who to mention. There were so many people I needed to thank, and I didn't want them to think I favored one person over another. They all played important roles in helping me bring this book to publication. So instead, I just listed their names. I hope that's okay. I did dedicate my book to my parents. I don't think anyone would object to that.

Oh, and the ISBN (1-933016-32-9) and LCCN have been assigned. It's so exciting. I mean my book will be in the Library of Congress database. It might not sound like much, but to a first-time novelist, it's a big deal. Hopefully the book will get in the LoC's Catalogue in Publication (CIP) program.